Anyone seeking to provide services to their Customers

  • In manufacture or in Trade
  • Solutions and or Services,
  • Large scale or SMEs
  • In any vertical

As a Vendor, only you know too well the constraints in reaching out to your Customers effectively.

Limited by distances, good communication, costs and a host of other factors, how you wish you could
reach out to your Customers quickly, effectively and regularly.

Most of the routine tasks require local presence, knowledge of local business, basic IT savviness,
communication and presentation skills

How you wish you could get someone to handle the routines effectively while you engage your own
staff for more productive and better value added tasks.

Engaging ITEBR through BUSREX is the solution that answers your pressing business needs.
 Vendor may wish to engage them to reach out to an existing or potential Customer to

  • Make cold calls
  • Showcase your products and solutions
  • Close sales
  • Get feedback
  • Provide first level support
  • Collect receivables
  • Assist and advance their IT enablement
  • Implement, support and work with IT tools and applications
  • Work on cost efficiencies for your Customers
  • Implement SLAs with your Customers

BUSREX value proposition to Vendors

  • Access to a “best of breed” online mechanism
  • Vendors can involve their Customers in the process of co-creation
  • Help build their Customers’ own value network 
  • Encourage their Customer responsiveness
  • Advance their Customer’s IT enablement by proposing cost effective solutions
  • Vendors can choose to deliver services directly or through ITEBR
  • Make available ITEBR Teams wherever and whenever needed
  • On  Assignment and pay-by-use basis
  • Making available Training and Communication tools to the Resources
  • Choice of technology, Dot Net or Open Source for platform dependent Vendors
  • Facility to upload offerings and solutions, and making these available in easy to Search formats.
  • Advertising online to a captive and receptive audience
  • Assignments, from contracting to execution to payment, through well structured work flows
  • Secured Access and Transactions 
  • Better integration of solutions sales and services delivery
  • All these and much more through a personal Dashboard 
  • Registration Workflow
  • Assignment Workflow